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1 November, 2022
Europe Building Materials Joint Stock Company (EBM) would like to respectfully thank for the cooperation and trust of our customers, partners, enterprises and agencies during the past time. As of November 1, 2022, European Building Materials Joint Stock Company (EBM)...
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Project of my phu villa – phu my hung || Aluska aluminium doors and windows

29 June, 2021
Aluska aluminium doors and windows were completed and installed by EBM technicians for Ms. Ngoc's villa at My Phu 1, Phu My Hung, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC. Aluska aluminium doors and windows are the best aluminium door and...
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Tendency for using uPVC doors, aluminium doors and windows in architectural design

24 June, 2021
Choosing and using aluminium doors - windows in the design is increasingly popular, especially in building houses, villas, penthouses, high-class apartments... So, why are aluminium - uPVC doors and windows becoming the tendency for the current architecture? Wooden doors and...
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EBM enhances the beauty of villas in An Phu – An Khanh urban area

23 June, 2021
Luxury house with beautiful doors and windows is what we can see inside a 3-storey villa in An Phu - A completely new appearance after nearly 1 week of construction and installation of aluminium doors and windows. This is Mr....
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Warranty policy for European uPVC, aluminium doors and windows – EBM brand

21 June, 2021
The warranty policy of product is one of the indispensible criteria to evaluate the quality and reputation of a brand. Therefore, when buying any product in the market, customers should pay attention to their warranty after purchasing, consisting of aluminium...
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Where can we buy high-end ponzio aluminium doors and windows?

18 June, 2021
Ponzio aluminium door and window are a high-end aluminium line branded EBM. This European aluminium door and window type has become familiar in the high-end aluminium door and window segment in Vietnam for many years. Some information about European aluminium...
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The most popular and beautiful models of aluminium doors and windows today

11 June, 2021
Currently, the beautiful and quality aluminium doors and windows are increasingly interested by customers. Their unique and various designs will bring a new and perfect appearance to your house. Why do customers love and choose aluminium doors and windows? What...
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Why should you choose high quality european aluminium doors and windows for your house?

8 June, 2021
Aluminium doors and windows have been a tendency for projects such as residential house, office buildings, apartments, commercial centers… Especially, in a developing country like Vietnam, the european aluminium door and window market is quite vibrant and competitive. Accordingly, poor...
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Roto – Heart of european aluminum doors and windows

3 June, 2021
European aluminum doors and windows are high-end door-window lines that are popularly used in Vietnam market. And one of the factors that make the name of European aluminum doors and windows is thanks to the appearance of Roto accessories Origin...
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