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Ponzio aluminium door and window are a high-end aluminium line branded EBM. This European aluminium door and window type has become familiar in the high-end aluminium door and window segment in Vietnam for many years.

Some information about European aluminium doors – Ponzio

Ponzio high-grade aluminium doors and windows are manufactured from Ponzio aluminium profiles (Poland) – Europe’s leading aluminium profile manufacturer. Ponzio aluminium doors and windows use Ponzio (Poland), Roto (Germany) accessories.

Ponzio aluminium doors and windows use European standard powder coating technology to make the surface of doors and windows  beautiful, even, and aesthetic. Moreover, the powder coating also has anti-fouling ability, difficult to be discoloured by climatic and weather factors.

Besides, Ponzio aluminium doors and windows bring outstanding differences: extremely good soundproofing and insulation, integrated smart locks, solid, not warp shrinkage, which are suitable for many different constructions…

Where can we buy high-end ponzio aluminium doors and windows in Viet Nam?

European Building Materials Joint Stock Company (EBM) is the only supplier of Ponzio aluminium doors and windows in Vietnam. EBM is also a consultant to design, manufacture, complete and install Ponzio aluminium doors and windows at the site.

At EBM, customers can visit a modern and high-quality European aluminium door & window showroom to get the most comprehensive vision. Valued customers can also experience the aluminium door and window production process at the factory with modern machinery and equipment imported from Europe.

EBM’s showroom: 11th floor, EBM building, 394 Ung Van Khiem, Ward 25, Bình Thanh District, HCMC.

EBM’s factory: Street No.5, Nhon Trach 3 Industrial Zone, Dong Nai Province.

Combined with modern equipment and European-standard production processes, Ponzio doors and windows are manufactured and installed by EBM’s dedicated and experienced staff.

EBM’s doors and windows are manufactured and installed according to strict standards; EBM brings customers the most perfect and high quality products.

Which projects are suitable for Ponzio aluminium doors and windows?

High quality Ponzio aluminium doors and windows provide the perfect appearance for civil works, villas, penthouses, townhouses, high-class apartments… At the same time, Ponzio is also very suitable for construction projects such as hotels, resorts, office buildings…

How are the Ponzio high-end aluminium doors and windows guaranteed?

As a high-end door and window line; so customers will fully receive EBM’s best warranty policy when implementing the installation of Ponzio.

EBM’s aluminium doors and windows are maintained every 6 months. Warranty period of doors and windows is 10 years, their accessories is 3 years.

Warranty period: From 1 to 2 days after receiving request from the customer.

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