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Aluminium doors and windows have been a tendency for projects such as residential house, office buildings, apartments, commercial centers… Especially, in a developing country like Vietnam, the european aluminium door and window market is quite vibrant and competitive.

Accordingly, poor qualityfake doors and windows also widely appear in the market. To choose the best aluminium door and window set for your house, it is necessary to find information carefully about the products as well as the reputable suppliers for the best choice

A good aluminium door and window set not only protects your home from thieves, but also from the unexpected & hidden dangers of poor quality aluminium products

Why does your house need quality aluminium doors and windows?

Not to know whether to laugh or cry when the homeowners have to pay a big amount of budget for completely replacing a set of door and window because of their poor quality.

Not ensure the quality when used:

  • The door and window set is made of low quality, low durability, low bearing capacity aluminium profiles
  • The accessories of doors and windows lack of synchronization, poor quality, leading to doors and windows without the necessary tightness.
  • Low quality door and window paint is painted by traditional methods.
  • Superficial and unprofessional warranty service

Therefore, the homeowners become irritable and have headaches when facing many unexpected problems in use such as:

  • The doors and windows are warp shrinkage, damaged when there is a strong impact from the severe
  • Home space faces water seepage problem when it rains or storms – an extremely annoying problem for every
  • Not ensure the necessary privacy due to poor soundproof doors.
  • Low-quality insulated doors and windows increase the cost of electricity consumption, especially high-rise buildings with large demand for electricity.
  • The color of doors and windows changes when oxidized or affected by nature and climate, affecting the house’s aesthetics.

Not ensure the security of the house

Most burglaries happen by breaking locks, forcing open doors and windows. Therefore, when using a set of low quality door and window that are easily warp shrinkage and breaking, you have inadvertently helped uninvited guests to do it.

Because of the above reasons, choosing doors and windows for your house is the important step when designing the living and working spaces.

European standard aluminium doors and windows

European aluminium doors and windows bring your house many convenient features as well as high aesthetics, especially high-class aluminium ones. Possessing many outstanding advantages, European aluminium doors offer greater safety than other types of doors.

To get the best safety for your house, high-end European aluminium doors and windows will be the great choice.

The quality of European aluminium doors and windows:

Aluminium profile bars are manufactured from European countries under strict standard inspection and evaluation in the world.

  • The frame of doors and windows are solid thanks to high hardness, good bearing capacity and safety for users.
  • Accessories are synchronous, easy to use, smooth and gentle in operation.
  • High tightness, extremely good soundproofing and insulation.
  • Doors and windows are powder coated by the most advanced technology, their colors has highly even, beautiful, difficult to oxidize – corrode, and resist dust well.
  • Easily combined with smart lock technology to enhance the security of the house.
  • High aesthetics, long life and outstanding durability thanks to the use of top materials and modern production technology.
  • The design helps the home space become luxurious and brings its very unique architectural style.

The best European aluminium doors and windows on the Vietnamese market today

Some famous aluminium door and window lines such as Ponzio aluminium (Poland), Aluska aluminium (Poland), Schuco aluminium (Germany), Technal aluminium (France) …

In which, the high-end Ponzio aluminium doors and windows have been evaluated as one of the current No.1 aesthetic and quality doors and windows.

Aluminium doors and windows possess European quality and Vietnamese price. This will be really a reasonable choice if you want to prevent your home from the illegal entering of thieves.

Facade houses, villas, apartments, especially families with young children and the elderly should use aluminium doors and windows because of their high safety.

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