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EBM was founded in the spring (January 2006). Spring is the season starting all of things, a hopeful season as the blue logo that EBM is putting on. For many design consultants and construction investors, EBM has been known as a top brand of senior doors and windows. As for me and other colleagues, EBM has long come into the subconscious, as a friend, a partner in the present life and future.

Annually, each new year are giving people much emotion and save unforgettable memories. That will be multiplied more in the occasion year 2016, when EBM is 10 year-old. The decade passing is not too long for an enterprise but it is also enough to mark the proud maturity of all staff of EBM. We have overcome many difficulties and challenges to find our own position in the fierce competition market. Ten years of building and growth, and developing, ten years for effort contribution of all staffs of EBM. In the past years EBM has always had a rapid growth in sales. Quality of products and services is increasingly higher. Customers increasingly trusted products of EBM. That is the result of the efforts of each individual in the scientific, efficient and friendly working environment.

I myself have worked in the company for more than three years, but not a long time, only one- third of the way that EBM has passed, but it was enough to feel the sorrows and joys of work and a lot of memories with colleagues. The unforgettable memories just like yesterday. I incessantly remind myself to always try at work, loving the people around and above all working because of yourself passion. Therefore, only the “passion” for helping you overcome challenges in life without feeling tired. As the Russian physicist Lev Landau who said: “It’s important to do things with passion, that adorn incredibly life”.

Anniversary 10 years of EBM is an occasion to be grateful to staffs who have worked closely with the company during the past years. Ten years only as a stepping stone to our next step. Looking back over the past, let’s look back at what has been achieved and not achieved so that orienting new step for the company and for every person. To achieve success in the next stage, needs the efforts of all staffs of the company, in the spirit of cooperation not only perfect yourself but also contribute to EBM company more and more development and sustainable.

Let’s holding hands for the next step.

Thank for all.