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A full set of aluminium doors and windows has main components including: shaped aluminium bar, accessories and glass. The quality of shaped aluminium bars determines the stability for the doors and windows frame, the quality of the glass for the safety of the users. And the quality of accessories ensures perfect connection and operation for a full set of aluminium doors and windows.

The hinge is accessories, a very important part of the aluminium doors and windows. It is the key point to help the aluminium doors and windows operate smoothly, easily without being warp in use.

Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology, when aluminium doors and windows pioneered modern constructions, the hinge of aluminium doors and windows are also receiving great attention.

Classifications of aluminium door and window hinges

The hinges of aluminium doors and windows are made from many different materials such as cast iron, steel, aluminium, stainless steel… With the outstanding development of technology, the hinges are increasingly diverse in size, design, shape, material…

For a deeper understanding of aluminium doors and windows hinges, they can be classified as follows:

Manufacturing classifications

  • Mid-range hinges: GU, HOPO, HMA, CMECH (USA), SOBINCO (Belgium) …
  • High-grade hinges: ROTO (Germany, EU), PONZIO (Poland, EU) …

Doors and windows classification

Depending on the structure and design of the doors and windows, needs and budgets, customers could choose the suitable aluminium door and window hinge. Choosing the right aluminium door hinge and avoiding sagging, imbalance, loss of aesthetics for the doors and windows.

  • A Hinge: Type of hinge used for window systems, mainly inward and outward opening windows or top hung windows. With A – aluminium hinge, the window can be opened up to a maximum of 90 degrees.

  • 2D Hinge: Common type of hinge for inward and outward opening windows and doors. Because of the lack of flexibility due to only 2-way adjustment, the 2D hinge is less used than the 3D hinge.

  • 3D Hinge: This is the most popular hinge for aluminium doors and windows. The 3D hinge is extremely compatible with aluminium doors and windows, usually installed, used for opening windows.

  • The 3D hinge can adjust the door gap in 3 directions easily before and even after installation. Internal screw release design increases the aesthetics of the doors – windows and high safety in preventing theft.

When installing aluminium doors and windows, the synchronous installation of accessories is very important for our home. Thereby, the aluminium doors and windows can be operated smoothly, most perfectly and durable overtime.

The advice here is to choose a reputable supplier to get the best advice, as well as be assured of product quality.

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