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TTO – The window is like a ‘magic eye’ for your house, plays an important role in feng shui throughout the house and reduces energy costs.

Windows are like a ‘magic eye’ for your home – Photo: fengshuitips

“The mental eyes of the house”


In feng shui, people often care about the main door, which is an important place to bring air and good and bad signs into the house like a “mouth”. But the window is also very important and likened to the “magic eyes” of the house, plays a significant role in feng shui and helps reduce energy costs. Do people living in the home see good opportunities? Have you met the gentlemen or not? Have you found a business direction? The main window is where feng shui can activate these things. Even windows can affect the health of the homeowner. According to the experience of feng shui experts, if anyone has eye pain, then the cataract eye, it may be because of the pointed trees pointed at the window for a long time.


I once went to see a house where someone was preparing to have their eyes operated and observed that this bedroom window was directly opposite the road. Around the window is planted with cacti. The immediate solution is to mount a mirror that pushes killing intent from the straight path and clears the cactus pots at the window. The family recovered shortly afterwards. Windows, similar to the main door, also have the function of attracting light and natural air into the house, which is the path of communication between the private life of all family members and the outside world.

Window is considered the transfer point of the airflow – Photo: Daylight


8 tips on feng shui windows


  1. Avoid placing windows on safes or cash boxes. Going to see many houses, realizing that although the house has a good direction for the owner of fortune, if the safe is accidentally placed near the window, money is wasted. Good indoor air also quickly gets “melted”.


  1. Avoid the opposite window is the path. In waterways, this situation is called “radial observation”, causing indoor air to always be directly opposite. Bad air from outside rushes in, making the house badly transported.


  1. Avoid unregulated windows. You should not make windows with rules, use cheap perishable materials.


  1. Do not close tight windows so air and light do not enter the room. It is also easy for people living in the house to be susceptible to illness and disease. However, when designing windows, you should also make sure that the design of the door when closed is airtight, especially the bedroom door to prevent users from getting cold.


  1. Avoid the back seat window which is the window. If the desk is arranged in this way, the person sitting will block the path of wind and light, in the words of feng shui, to stop the flow of gas, turn gas into killing intent. People sitting in this position, before and after, also impaired, decline.


  1. Avoid opening windows inside. The case of opening the inward window is usually due to the window using the inward opening door or the types of doors facing inside the house. According to Feng shui, if using this type of door will cause many detrimental to the path of fame and career of everyone in the house.


  1. Avoid making too many windows. Do not make too many windows in a room, especially the bedroom. The number of windows in the house should be moderate, neither redundant nor lack to best regulate the air inside and outside the home. According to Feng shui, the room has many doors, so the wealth of the house is easy to spread. The size and quantity of windows should be made so that people are always comfortable and comfortable living in the house.


  1. When designing windows for any architectural space, architects also take air convection as a focus. Windows are considered to be the turning point of the air flow. The important thing is that it is enough for the air to flow freely from the outside to the inside and vice versa.


PTS LAM MINH TRUNG / tuoitre.vn