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When designing windows for any space, architects always put air convection goals first. Especially for houses, do not make the window too much or too little because it will cause an imbalance in life in the house.

According to architect Pham Ngoc Thien An, the window is like the eyes of a house. It can help expand the view of the homeowner, expand the ability to connect with the surrounding world, and is an important indispensable element to beautify the architecture. In addition, choosing the style, type of windows also has a certain effect on feng shui housing.

Design suitable windows

When designing windows for any architectural style or space, the architect also takes air convection as a focus. Especially in the houses of households, the number of windows should be moderate to maintain the air circulation inside and outside the house. Avoid making windows too much because they will disturb the airflow balance, making the family atmosphere stressful, people’s lives become insecure, unable to relax. On the contrary, do not make too few windows because the inside air will be trapped, confined there is no way to absorb new air. In the long term, it will cause stifling inhibition, affecting the health of family members.

Stylized windows for living room classic, luxurious and courteous. Photo: Perfect Space.

Window size

The size of the window should be moderate and balanced. Too large doors will disturb the indoor air field, if too small will limit visibility and affect the psychology of the people in the house, limiting the connection with the outside world. Depending on the structure of the house and the preferences of the homeowner, different window sizes may be designed. However, the height of a window must definitely exceed the average height of everyone in the family. This factor both creates a sense of comfort when standing outside, while creating a psychological effect, increasing confidence and positive emotions for the homeowner.

The height of the window must exceed the average height of everyone in the family. In the photo is a light-lit window for the bedroom with black-and-white hanging curtain system. Photo: Perfect Space.


Logical window opening

Window design determines the air convection problem in the house. The best window should be designed so that it can be fully opened and facing out, it should not be opened inwards and opened sideways. Thus, on the one hand does not affect the space, increase the area of use, on the other hand, the space always receives a large amount of fresh air into the house, the gas is pushed out. Conversely, if the window is opened inward, it is not conducive to make use of the space and easily cause an accident during use.

Large bedroom windows make it easy for homeowners to zoom in on the outside scenery. Large windows create a vivid natural picture of your space. Photo: Perfect Space.

Choose the right window blinds

Window blinds help prevent light, reduce light intensity, bring a sense of comfort to the house, and prevent dust from outside. Attention should be paid to coordinating the window blinds in the appropriate bedroom, which helps bring a sense of relaxation and peaceful sleep to the homeowners.

In principle, the window in the direction of the sun should use curtains with slightly thicker material, the color is slightly darker than other spaces. Conversely, if the window is out of sunlight, less light, use curtains with thin materials and light colors. If the window is opposite to the hospital, the sharp corner of another house or other unclean objects, use a wooden folding curtain to limit visibility in that direction.

Bedroom windows with thick curtain system, neutral and gentle tones help to block light from the room in the direction of the sun. Photo: Perfect Space.

Thin curtains for bedroom windows with little sunlight, to bring a sense of lightness and relaxation. Photo: Perfect Space.


“In the field of construction design, windows are not only designed with proper functions but also an important element to beautify architecture. Particularly for homes, the reasonable window layout will bring a more balanced and airy state to the space, while helping homeowners feel more comfortable and optimistic ”, architect Thien An said. .


Source: vnexpress.net