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In the past, many people used to believe that only a tall house and a wide house would be good. However, according to Feng Shui, a large house that few people live in, that house is considered to be unprofitable.

Large space makes the body’s air field damaged

Through many studies on feng shui, the housing space is too large, the air in the body will be damaged. If the energy in the body is constantly in the state of radiating outward, then when the person is fast asleep, the spirit itself will be in the most debilitating condition leading to the symptoms such as having nightmares, sensitivity, emotional panic, weak personalities, susceptibility to evil, and emotional melancholy, …


Can be understood simply through a small example: In a 10-square-meter room with an air conditioner installed, only half an hour later, the room will become completely cooler, but if you bring this air-conditioner housed in a 100-square-meter room, there’s no big effect. People are like this air conditioner, the bigger the room, the more energy the body will waste. So, people in very large rooms will have a harder time sleeping than when in a small room. Actually this phenomenon is because of the disproportionate energy that creates.


Another example, when you sleep, you need to cover the blanket, the blanket itself has no warmth at all, but can keep warm, precisely because when the human body and the blanket have generated a trade energy, the blanket will store the heat that the body radiates outward, preventing the energy in the body from being consumed quickly, so that’s why we don’t feel cold blanket.

Pay attention to “sealing the air”, especially in the bedroom

The theory of feng shui pays great attention to “sealing the air,” is keeping the wind and the air. The “gas” here is the magnetic field that benefits from the universe and geography, which is collected for us to use. The house if it can gather air, will minimize the loss of positive energy of the body to the outside. The spiritual world of a person when in a small space that gathers the gas will easily calm down, whereas if in a spacious place, the “tetrahedron”, it is difficult to be quiet just a moment.

At home, why children like to play in tight spaces such as behind doors, under tables, corners of walls, etc. This is because the child’s magnetic field is very weak. If they are in a small space, then after the body’s magnetic field communicates with the outside environment, it will be able to quickly reach balance, so the child will feel safe. That is to say, in a small space, the atmosphere revolves around one’s body; in a large space, the body has to follow the rotation of the atmosphere. The house is not too big, the bedroom area should not be too big, the bedroom is too big as the house is too big. The ancient emperors were the richest people in the world, but their sleeping places were not too big. In trying to supply with an area of ​​720,000m2, yet the emperor’s bedroom was only less than 10m2, the king’s “ready” was only the usual bed of the people. Moreover, when the emperor sleeps, he has to drop two blinds in front of the bed, the space becomes even narrower, this is what they call a condenser, indeed it can keep “able” healthy.

It seems that the small room is beneficial in controlling the flow of gas, so that the airflow in the bedroom can be consistent with the speed of operation of the air in the human body, this is considered a good feng shui, also suitable for nourishment. There is another point about the space, not only is the ground should not be too large, but the height should not be too high.

Surely everyone has visited temples, shrines, cathedrals, found that the spatial height of these buildings is quite large, and looking up will make people feel glassy. threshold in mind. There is a saying like this, the architectural works beyond the limits of humans, is the space of God. Ordinary residence of people, height of over 2m or less than 3m is okay.


Inside the house need to be arranged so that it is “air-converging”. First of all, do not let indoor air flow create convection. For example, the main gate facing the balcony, the South-North and the East-West windows should not overlap, because this layout will cause the air to circulate too quickly, which will dispense with the beneficial magnetic fields. , do not achieve prosperity (many good gases).

Besides, when opening a window should not be reciprocal, if opening the window to the South, it is possible to open more windows to the East or West, but cannot open the window to the North. In short, let the incoming air flow is somewhat flexible, but it goes back and not goes away, so it can cause the prosperous gas to start the effect of ‘supporting’ the host, reaching the style of room the water of the house “the whirling air is charming and also auspicious”. Regarding the understanding of keeping the wind condensed, it is necessary for everyone to be aware of it carefully, just grasp the meaning and connotation of the word “store” (store), then there will be A good place to stay with a stable environment.


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