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In the summer, Tuan’s house (Hanoi) is like a large glass box that is so hot and stuffy as it is outdoors.

Many homes have to close windows to prevent the room from getting bright. Artwork: AT.


More than 10 years ago, Ms. Thuy (Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi) bought an apartment on the top floor of an 11-storey apartment building. At that time, she decided to choose the gable root so that every room received natural light, minimizing collisions with the neighbors. By design, her house is shaped like an L, can open windows on three sides. Apartment is over 100 m2, with 3 bedrooms but has up to 9 doors. Only the middle bedroom has a window, the rest rooms have 2 doors or more.


At first, the whole family was very excited with the residence always filled with natural light. However, during the summer months of Hanoi, the temperature in her house is always much higher than that of her neighbors. The sun shines through the windows, descending from the ceiling of the apartment, causing the family to frequently turn on the air conditioning. Not only that, some windows are useless because they always have to be covered, otherwise they will be overexposed, causing eye pain when studying, reading …


Self-built housing so that Mr. Tuan’s family (Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi) also met the nuisance scene because the place was overexposed like Thuy’s house. The 120 m2 plot of Mr. Tuan has a width of up to 10m. Therefore, he left all four sides to be able to open the window comfortably. The two sides of the house have access to the back garden. Thus, he did not need to make a skylight in the middle of the house, but every room was bright. Front and back houses have beautiful views of the greenery and lakes far away. Therefore, Mr. Tuan decided to make a floor-to-ceiling glass window, running from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor on both the front and the back. However, when he moved in, reality was not as he wanted. Although the house is in an adjacent area, there are still many vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Therefore, the family cannot often open the window because of noise. In addition, on sunny days, the magnificent 4-storey house with too many bright glass doors is more than necessary. Not only that, rooms with glass covering the entire wall became hotter, forcing them to thicken curtains all day. The living room on the first floor is a floor with glass doors about 4m high, and it feels hotter than the outside.

Therefore, just over a year, Mr. Tuan was forced to hire thermal paste workers for the entire glass system in the house. The total amount of money is up to 20 million but the house is only less hot. On days when the temperature is higher than 35 degrees Celsius, families still have to turn on the air conditioning to get rid of the frustration.

The floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer a beautiful view but also have some drawbacks. Artwork: BF.


Architect Vu Hoang said that many families also encounter “backwards” suffering like Ms. Thuy and Mr. Tuan. The obsession with low light makes many people always prefer to buy corner apartments, have many windows, or build houses with wide glass windows as much as possible. However, this may not be appropriate for your family’s needs and may cause a big waste of money.


Therefore, before buying a home, you need to consider carefully, whether your family really needs to buy a corner with a much more difference, or just a place to live in every room with enough light. When building a house, the window layout will have to be calculated more carefully, with the comments of the architect. You should not follow the design that you find beautiful elsewhere but not necessarily reasonable for your home. The house uses a lot of large-sized glass will help you have a wide view outside, but there are many disadvantages such as making the house hotter, indoor furniture can be quickly damaged by too much sunlight. If there are children in the home, using large glass windows may not be safe. Homeowners will have to spend more money to buy good quality, insulated glass. With townhouses near the road in Vietnam, you should not make the entire facade is glass, will often have to close curtains to ensure privacy.

Source: An Yen / vnexpress.net