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In previous years, sliding doors were very few choices in design and interior decoration in our country. Sliding doors are only commonly used in some Asian countries like Korea, Japan. However, thanks to the convenience and ability to save space, this type of door is now very popular.

For small-sized houses, sliding doors are used as a good solution in dividing space, saving space, bringing a variety of beauty styles.

Using sliding doors is quite safe for families with young children, avoiding unexpected accidents when children play like normal doors.

There are 2 types of designs for sliding doors:

First, the sliding doors have a sliding frame mounted on the outside of the wall.

The second is the sliding wall door, when opened is hidden inside the walls.

On the market today there are many models of sliding doors, consumers can easily choose depending on the interior of the house such as sliding doors with 1 wing, 2 wings, 4 wings, adjacent sliding doors.

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