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Why powder coating is the choice for high-end aluminium doors and windows?

26 May, 2021
Powder coating is a modern coating technology invented by Dr. S. Erwin Gemmer in the early 1950s. According to the outstanding development of science, powder coating technology is increasingly perfect in terms of quality standards and applications. Thus, why is...
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Choose beautiful european alluminum doors and windows for townhouses

21 May, 2021
Nowadays, in the period of urbanization, tube houses are increasingly popular. Choosing aluminium door and window types for tube houses are what make many customers notice and care about. Being suitable for the architecture of the house, safe, aesthetic and...
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High-grade aluminium sliding doors and windows – great choice for minimalist and modern lifestyle

19 May, 2021
Minimalist lifestyle as well as simple things in life makes your life lighter and happier. This is a famous lifestyle in the land of Fusang (Japan) and is also a current tendency in many developed countries. The doors and windows...
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European aluminium doors and windows installment in district 10, HCMC

18 May, 2021
Aluminium doors and windows make modern architecture outstanding; enhance the aesthetics and class of the door. Therefore, today’s aluminium doors and windows are no longer strange in the design of a modern house. Aluminium doors and windows not only make...
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European imported high-end aluminium doors and windows, should we buy?

14 May, 2021
One of the door and window types loved and favored by customers is the high-end European aluminium doors and windows product line. European aluminium doors and windows have many different manufacturers and famous brands. But generally, they possess 4 main...
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Beautiful aluminium doors and windows for simple facade houses

13 May, 2021
EBM has recently accepted and handed over the project in a very short time to Mr. Dinh at 20th Street, An Phu Ward, City. HCM. Owning facade house, Mr. Dinh chose European Aluska aluminium doors and windows for his house....
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Solutions to prevent noise polution – high end ponzio aluminium doors and windows

11 May, 2021
High-end soundproof aluminium doors and windows are considered as a leading method to prevent noise pollution from your health and your family. Current status of  noise pollution Engine sounds, card horns, motorcycles, planes, trains, industrial machinery and construction buildings ......
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European imported high-end aluminium doors and windows in HCMC

10 May, 2021
Aluminium doors and windows are a modern building trend, not only in Ho Chi Minh City but also across the country. Especially, in terms of large and typical projects, aluminium doors and windows are required more strict technical requirements which...
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Common hinges for aluminium doors and windows

28 April, 2021
A full set of aluminium doors and windows has main components including: shaped aluminium bar, accessories and glass. The quality of shaped aluminium bars determines the stability for the doors and windows frame, the quality of the glass for the...
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