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Transparent as a glass

19 August, 2019
We live and work in houses that more or less have glass. The presence of glass in architecture seems to be a normal and inevitable element. But upstream of history, the glass material follows the history of architecture - built...
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Windows – Beauty art and bring natural light into the kitchen

8 August, 2019
A kitchen is a place to keep fire in every house, so it is especially important because of the warm, cozy feeling of each meal. Choosing the right light will make the meal more poetic and delicious. If the location...
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Rooms with glass walls – Creativity to expand space

7 August, 2019
A comfortable house often has to have all the space from living room, kitchen, bedroom to toilet. Each area needs a clear separation to be truly comfortable. So if the area is too small, should we build a wall to...
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How does the window change the architecture of your house?

5 August, 2019
When entering a house, what will make you pay attention first? It could be a sofa table, a few wall paintings, it can be a luxury and polite furniture, or simply a green pot ... However, few people notice that...
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The difference various type of hole rulers

20 July, 2019
Hole rulers, feng shui ruler (Feng Shui Ruler Luban - 魯班 尺) is very popular in Eastern cultural life. In Vietnam there are many variants, due to differences in concept, in the process of introduction, transformation from Chinese ruler to...
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Two things to remember with the door design according to Feng Shui

19 July, 2019
Indoors, doors and windows are considered to be a place to load energy and gas for the whole house, so special attention should be paid to the design to ensure the usability and feng shui elements. A design that brings...
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EBM joined International Exhibition Vietbuild 2019

24 June, 2019
From 19th June 2019 to 23rd June 2019, international exhibition Vietbuild 2019 took place. The event was directed by the Ministry of Construction and Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, held at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center. (SECC) with the...
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EBM Doors & Windows promotes 15% on the occasion of Vietbuild 2019

7 June, 2019
European Building Materials JSC is pleased to announce the promotion program on the occasion of Vietbuild 2019 exhibition in June 2019. Customers will receive discounts and receive the best price when signing the contract between 17/06/2019 to 17/07/2019. Joining International...
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EBM door – recognize the truth – fake goods

22 April, 2019
Nowadays, a number of units (individuals, companies) have assumed the EBM brand to provide substandard products to customers. To help customers avoid fraudulent use of EBM branded counterfeit products, European Building Materials Joint Stock Company would like to give the...
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